A CFO service tailored to your business


Our CFO service can be customized both in terms of its services and time frame to suit your company. The CFO goes hand in hand with the decision-makers of your company, offers its support in decision-making and gives its own perspectives. 

An outsourced CFO has the know-how and experience of our entire broad organization at its hands. This is how we want to bring you security, for example, when your company’s own resources are limited.

CFO services (from 899 eur / month + VAT and start-up fee)

  • A dedicated CFO who knows the company’s financial situation.
  • Creating a budget.
  • Required number of meetings per month where:
    – previous month’s reporting is being reviewed
    – Any monthly deviations are reviewed.
    – the budget is being analyzed.
    – the current forecast of the profit gets acquainted.
    – the upcoming issues to be considered are being reviewed.
    – the budget is being monitored and deviations are being analized.
    – a cash flow forecast at different time intervals is being prepared.
    – investment calculations and amortization period are being reviewed.
    – investor reports as well as other stakeholder reports are being prepared.
  • Business Finland reports or other non-recurring reports.
  • Mapping and development of different processes from an economic point of view.
  • Participation in the work of the management team, if necessary.
  • Sparring in financial decisions, etc.
  • Identification of development targets based on reports.
  • Identification of the need for taxation in foreign operations.
  • If necessary, seek a separate consultant or partner to clarify or handle the matter.
  • Coordination of foreign operations.

Does your company need CFO services?