Statutory audits for companies

Auditing services

We offer the entrepreneur high-quality auditing services with professionalism through Business Consultants. We work with the utmost care and diligence in our work so that we can produce the best possible result. Personal service is important to us so that we can ascertain the client’s wishes and needs in connection with audit services.

Our service includes:

• Statutory audits
• General inspections
• Special inspections and statements based on the Companies Act
• Inspections of traffic licenses

Special assignments

If necessary, the auditor of business consultants also performs special assignments that do not correspond in scope or level of assurance to the statutory audit. In these assignments, the auditor performs the necessary audits or actions and reports on them only in confidence to the client.

 Special tasks include:

General inspection

  • Checking and verifying the accuracy of the financial statements
  • Analysis of financial figures in the financial statements

Special inspection

  • Determining the company’s financial situation (often for minority shareholders)

Due Dilingence Inspection

  •  Acquisition situations where you want certainty about the overall picture of the object of the transaction and you want to find out possible risk factors.

Statements and certificates

In addition to auditing, the statutory auditor’s duties also include other engagements that require expert opinions, such as statements and certificates.

Our service includes:
  • Merger / division plan statements
  • Statements in connection with the payment of share capital
  • Other statements in accordance with the Companies Act
  • Determining the debtor ‘s financial situation
  • Opinion on non-cash assets
  • Certificates related to the financial arrangement
  • Statements on winding up / resumption of operations
  • Statements on the financial resources of license holders
  • Other statements and certificates based on law and regulations
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