Your own financial manager for your business

A financial manager for your business

We will help you when you need a more detailed analysis of the situation of your company, but your own time is not enough to perceive the whole picture.
With the basic package of our financial management services, the entrepreneur or the company’s management stays up-to-date about the company’s recent past and the near future. We monitor your business so you can sleep more peacefully at night.

Financial manager services (price 239 eur / month + VAT)

Service includes:

  • Your own financial manager who knows your business routines.
  • Monthly meeting (duration approx. 1h) where:
    – previous month’s reporting is being reviewed
    – Any monthly deviations are reviewed.
    – the budget is being analyzed.
    – the current forecast of the profit gets acquainted. 
    – the upcoming issues to be considered are being reviewed.

Do you need a financial manager?