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The basic idea of ​​Nordic C-Management is high-quality service and the expertise that it has brought with it over the years. We want to be a different accounting firm, a partner who reacts before any problems even are problems. A financial management professional who knows the client’s industry and pitfalls, a partner who tells things to the client before the client has to ask about it.

The most important thing for us is the success of the customer, because only through that do we succeed. Every customer, small or large, is equally important. That’s why we invest in training, enthusiastic employees and quality tools and programs.

We invest in employee comfort, laughter in the workplace, and a desire to serve and connect with customers.


Personalized service

We want to be close to the customer, with personal service. That’s why our clients always have a personal accountant who takes care of the company’s affairs as a whole, and yes: we always have a backup staff as well. That is why we know our customer and how they work, and we are able to serve the customer in the best possible way.

We also want to help our customers develop their operations. The company’s management and owners are just as accessible and involved in the day-to-day work as our accountants, and just as easily approachable. We want to serve you personally even if you have access to the benefits of a large accounting firm. In addition to the Finnish language, we also serve our customers in English, Swedish, Russian, Chinese and Estonian.

Our operations follow General Terms and Conditions of the Financial Management Association TAL-2018.

Authorized accounting firm

Nordic C-Management is authorized by Taloushallintoliitto . This guarantees that we operate according to agreed standards and our systems and procedures follow certain criteria. We also take care that our staff is trained and has a sufficient level of knowledge corresponding the requirements of Taloushallintoliitto.

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