Professional Controller

Controller services for your business

The Controller offers you a wide range of expertise in your company’s financial management and monitoring. By outsourcing your controller services to us, you will get all the information you need to run your business successfully.

Controller services (from 499 eur / month + VAT and start-up fee)

Service includes:

  • A dedicated Controller who knows the company’s financial situation.
  • Creating a budget.
  • Preparation of cash flow forecast.
  • Business Finland reports or other non-recurring reports.
  • Monthly meetings (approx. 2 hours) where:
    – previous month’s reporting is being reviewed
    – Any monthly deviations are reviewed.
    – the budget is being analyzed.
    – the current forecast of the profit gets acquainted.
    – the upcoming issues to be considered are being reviewed.
    – the budget is being monitored and deviations are being analyzed.
    – a cash flow forecast at different time intervals is being prepared.
    – investment calculations and amortization period are being reviewed.
    – investor reports as well as other stakeholder reports are being prepared.

Do you need controller services for your company?