Financial management services

All statutory financial management services with professionalism

With our help, you always know the current financial situation of your company, and we guarantee it for you with your own personal accountant and modern electronic accounting procedures. We are always proud of the success of our clients, because we always take care of financial and payroll administration with high quality and on time.


To support the success of your business, we prepare accounting for you and report to you in clear figures and graphs of your business situation. This gives you time to focus on the essentials. Our services are tailored to the needs of the client company, and through monthly meetings, we ensure that your service palette includes services that support your business.

We will report to you the situation of your company after each tax period clearly and taking into account your specific needs. We hope that your calendar will also include time for a face-to-face meeting at least every three months, so you will also get advice and tips from your accountant in person.

Housing company accounting

The housing company is accountable like a company. You should outsource accounting to a professional when you want to manage it properly at once. We provide financial management services to support hosting. We take care of the housing company’s accounting with professionalism and experience. We tailor our services to suit your needs.

Our service includes:

  • Accounting and financial statements
  • Lease accounting
  • Counterpart accounting
  • User fee accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Reporting
  • Tax returns

Ledger management

To simplify tracking of cash flows we will take care of your business ledgers and we will ensure that bills are paid on time. Electronic ledger management ensures that information is stored and categorized in a place where you can access wherever your business takes you.

With the sales ledger, you can see the current situation of which invoices are still open and which are already due. With a purchase ledger, you can predict future cost items, and get an up-to-date picture of what your business actually incurs. 

Payroll administration

Leave your company payroll to us so you can focus on growing your business. Payroll, like other areas of financial management, is strictly regulated by law. It is especially important that notifications and payments related to your company’s salaries are handled in a timely manner.

Our payroll department handles payroll calculation and payment on your behalf on time, efficiently and by constantly communicating with the entrepreneur.

Benefits of electronic financial management

We use electronic financial management systems to support your company’s financial management and monitoring. Companies are different, with different service needs, so we tailor each of our clients ’service palette individually. With the help of e-financial management tools, it is possible to build large entities with efficient features, to serve the needs of each customer.

The benefits of e-financial management are multidimensional: Electronic tools allow information to be stored, structured and processed under a single system. Real-time and responsiveness, monitoring, and time savings materialize when entrepreneurs and accountants have access to process materials at any time, and the paper war can be abandoned.


We always choose a financial management system for accounting according to the customer’s needs and wishes. There are several accounting systems to choose from, side by side; our largest and most popular systems are Netvisor and Procountor. If necessary, we also serve in AdminetFivaldi and Netbaron environments. To make the receipt rumba easier, we use, among other things eTasku and our own service Talousvirta, which allows you to easily save receipts without physically archiving the papers.

When recommending a software, we always consider what kind of solution will serve your company and operating models in the best possible way. The systems are designed to support and simplify financial management processes, and with careful deployment training, we ensure that efficient use is also possible on the part of the entrepreneur.

We also offer opportunities for external integrations, such as ERP systems and e-commerce platforms, to further reduce manual work and maximize the benefits of your business through financial management.